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    Personal GrowthEntrepreneurs often have trouble focusing their company and their resources. Why? There could be many reasons:

    New entrepreneurs are usually desperate for sales and don’t want to turn anyone down. They often don’t see how the new business could add complexity to their operations and increases their overhead and their break-even levels. They don’t understand that doing too many things may cause them to be the best at nothing.

    They may have an MBA and taken finance classes where they learned that diversification is good. However, they may not have realized that diversification is good for passive portfolios where the investor has no control over the venture. It is not that great for new entrepreneurs who have limited resources. (more…)


    Brett Shockley: Spanlink Communications

    Brett Shockley’s parents were entrepreneurs. His mother taught dance and baton twirling. His father owned a foreign car and repair shop and Shockley started working on car engines at the age of 10.

    It was only natural for Brett to create products and services, and sell them, and he got into entrepreneurial activities in junior high school. That is when he learned to ride unicycles in gym class – in fact he became so focused on learning to ride that he skipped other classes to learn and then built his own unicycle because he couldn’t afford to buy one.

    When he was 16 he dropped out of high school and started at the University of Minnesota on an early entrance program where he got his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, and his MBA. He joined ADC Telecommunications following graduate school and he got an introduction to the fast-changing telecommunications industry. (more…)

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    For over 33 years, Dileep Rao has worked with entrepreneurs, managers and leaders in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Dr. Rao has been acclaimed as a venture development teacher and speaker because he combines impeccable academic qualifications with his own successful experience in business growth and development -- offering practical knowledge with lasting value for success.

    Based on his experience and his study of some of the world's great entrepreneurs, he shows entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, financiers and area development officials how to build businesses by focusing on what truly matters and is sustainable in the long-term. (more…)


    A columnist on entrepreneurial finance, Dileep Rao is a nationally acclaimed practitioner, advisor, author and communicator on new business development, business growth and financing businesses and ventures. He combines real-world experience in financing more than 450 firms and managing five companies as the V.P. (now director) of one of the U.S.' largest development finance institutions with advising governments (including the U.S. government), Fortune 1000 companies and entrepreneurs in new business development and financing. (more…)

uEntrepreneurs: The Learning Center for Entrepreneurs ™