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AVOID VC Intelligently ® | by Dileep Rao

Why 99.997% of Entrepreneurs should Reject VC & the Rest should Delay!

Is your goal to raise venture capital (VC) or is it to build a successful business? These two goals may be in conflict with each other.

Here are some common assumptions in America today:

  • Entrepreneurs cannot build a big business without VC
  • Getting VC will help you build a big business and make your fortune
  • All VCs are experts who can help you build a big business
  • To get VC, write a business plan and participate in a business plan competition or shark tank
  • Angel financing will lead to VC that will lead to an IPO that will lead to wealth

These assumptions are not true most of the time for most entrepreneurs in most places.

The e-book, AVOID VC Intelligently ®, shows entrepreneurs why they should delay or avoid VC. The reality of VC is that:

  • 99.9% of American (and maybe more of the world’s) entrepreneurs will never get VC;
  • 99.95% will not get VC until Aha;
  • 99.997% should reject VC, and
  • The remaining 0.003% should delay seeking VC

The book points out that entrepreneurs who avoid or delay venture capital keep more control of their company, and retain more of the wealth they create. So entrepreneurs who want to stay in control of their venture, and of the wealth they create, should learn why they should avoid, or delay, venture capital.

This e-book also shows where venture capital has worked and when; and when getting venture capital may be mandatory to your financial health. VC works in very few places, for very small number of entrepreneurs, and only at certain times. At other times and places, entrepreneurs need to know why they should avoid, or delay, VC – and keep control of their venture.

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