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Bootstrap to Billions | by Dileep Rao

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Bootstrap To Billions, by Dileep RaoBootstrap to Billions offers inspiring profiles about some of the country’s, and world’s, greatest entrepreneurs, and how they used innovative strategies to lift their companies from the bottom of the pyramid to the top. Entrepreneurs profiled include those who built the world’s largest medical device company, world’s largest consumer electronics retailer, world’s largest wireless security equipment manufacturer, world’s largest private health- care management company, and other great companies.

The profiles offer a step-by-step analysis of how these entrepreneurs started their businesses and grew them from startup to profits, and then from profits to wealth. The profiles are easy-to-read to maximize learning in minimum time, and include lessons for future generations of entrepreneurs and executives to help them achieve their own dreams.

Learn to Create Wealth & Keep It! A key reason for the exemplary track records of the profiled entrepreneurs was their innovative linkage of capital-efficient business, financial and financing strategies to create wealth and keep it — by doing more with less, i.e. Bootstrap to Billions. Learn these lessons and apply them to your business today.

“… insightful analysis of entrepreneurial success stories… draw(s) lessons that will serve future entrepreneurs well… ‘must read’ for entrepreneurs and executives” … Richard N. Cardozo, Professor Emeritus, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

uEntrepreneurs: The Learning Center for Entrepreneurs ™