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Ray Barton: Great Clips

Ray Barton started working at the age of 8. He learned at a young age that if he wanted things, he had to work for it.

He held a variety of jobs, including working at a drug store, delivering papers in the morning and evening, and shoveling snow. In college, he sold cars for a living. After finishing his degree in accounting, he became a CPA, and worked for one of the large accounting firms.

As many accountants do, Barton switched to the business side and became a CFO for a Century 21 real estate franchisee. On his own, he became a franchisee for a hair-cutting chain. He lost the hair-cutting store due to some bad decisions, and when the economy went into a tailspin, he lost his job as the CFO of the real estate franchisee.

When he was invited into a partnership that was starting a new hair-salon chain, he reentered the industry. He built this business, called Great Clips, into the largest salon brand in the world.

This is how he did it.

This introduction is excerpted from Bootstrap to Billions: Proven Rules from Entrepreneurs who Built Great Companies from Scratch by Dr. Dileep Rao. Copying or reproduction in any format or medium without the prior express, written consent of the author is strictly prohibited.

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