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Tim Doherty: Doherty Employment Group

Tim Doherty grew up in Minnetonka, Minnesota. When he was a teenager in 1970, his family moved to Litchfield to run an A&W Root Beer stand that his parents had purchased. The drive-in did not do too well, and his parents shut it down after seven years.

After finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, Doherty tried his hand at life insurance sales, and then he went to work for Procter & Gamble.

When P&G wanted to move him to St. Louis, Doherty decided to quit because his fiancée was studying law in Minneapolis and she did not want to move, because she would have to start all over studying to pass the Missouri bar exam.

After searching for many months in mid-1979, he landed a position as a salesperson for a temporary help service. The economy was heading into a recession, however, and the business owner decided to reduce staff. Doherty was out of a job after just four months.

Frustrated with the lack of job opportunities due to that economy, he followed his father’s suggestion and decided to start his own temp firm with his parents’ help. Today, that firm has nearly 10,000 worksite employees and annual revenues of over $400 million.

This is how he did it.

This introduction is excerpted from Bootstrap to Billions: Proven Rules from Entrepreneurs who Built Great Companies from Scratch by Dr. Dileep Rao. Copying or reproduction in any format or medium without the prior express, written consent of the author is strictly prohibited.

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