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Dileep Rao Speaker Series

Building Your Business with Limited Resources

Dr. Dileep Rao …

  • Financed over 450 businesses and real estate projects
  • Acclaimed author of books for the New York Times & AMACOM
  • Advisor to governments (U.S. & others), entrepreneurs & corporations
  • Managing Director: Five turnaround companies (succeeded on four)
  • Globally-syndicated columnist: Forbes.com, Rediff.com
  • 3-Time MBA Teacher of the Year, Carlson School, U of Minnesota
  • New Book: Bootstrap to Billions… Proven Rules from Entrepreneurs who Built Great Companies from Scratch

For over 33 years Dileep Rao has worked with entrepreneurs, managers and leaders in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Dr. Rao has been acclaimed as a teacher and speaker because he combines impeccable academic qualifications with his own successful experience in business growth and development – offering practical knowledge with lasting value for success. Based on his experience, and his study of some of the world’s great entrepreneurs (see below), he shows entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, financiers and area development officials how to build businesses by focusing on what truly matters and is sustainable in the long-term. He talks about …

  • Proven Rules to Create Wealth and Keep It: How to SUCCEED WITH LIMITED RESOURCES
  • Using Finance as a Competitive Weapon: Why Value+Numbers BEATS Value
  • How to Build a Great Team and Grow a Great ‘You’: Only YOU can remove your business’s shackles
  • How Financiers, Area Development Officials and Professionals can help their customers, clients and area firms

Dr. Rao’s talks are based on his multi-faceted, achievement-filled career in DOING & TEACHING, and on his new book, Bootstrap to Billions. For nearly 20 years, Dileep was the 2nd-in-command and director helping to build one of the U.S.’ largest development finance institutions from under $1 million in assets to over $100,000,000. Rao financed and developed over 450 new & growing ventures and real estate projects using every type of financing and business strategy, while creating over 15,000 jobs. He has also managed five turnaround businesses, gaining insight into businesses, including why they fail and how to turn them around, and how to prevent problems from happening.

Dr. Rao also advises governments, corporations, financial institutions, area developers and entrepreneurs on how to grow their business and their areas. He teaches New Business Development & Financing in MBA and Executive MBA programs in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and is a three-time recipient of the Outstanding MBA Teacher of the Year Award, and the 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award at the Carlson School.

In addition to being a globally syndicated columnist (Forbes.com, Rediff.com), Dileep has written nationally acclaimed books such as Business Financing: 25 Keys to Raising Money (NY Times Pocket MBA Series), Handbook of Business Finance & Capital Sources. (AMACOM, NY), and Finance Any Business Intelligently® (infinancing.com). According to Inc. magazine, “business needs all the help it can get. Like the U.S. Cavalry, (Rao’s) Handbook enters the scene just in
time.” Dr. Rao has two engineering degrees and a Ph.D. in Business Administration.

Proven Rules To Create Wealth & Keep It

Business & Financing Strategies from Entrepreneurs who Built Great Companies from Scratch.
This is an all-day keynote workshop and covers topics to help entrepreneurs and managers build a sustainable competitive advantage. The workshop covers finding the right opportunity, developing the best capital-efficient business strategy, developing the right capital-efficient financial strategy and financing strategy, building a great team and growing personally to become a better leader. This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, and business developers whether at start-up or the growth stages. This workshop can also be offered in one-hour or two-hour formats to addresss how to develop the right business strategy to create wealth (cover financing and team building separately).

Shorter keynotes

Proven Rules for Startups: From Startup to Profits

Start-up entrepreneurs (before any sales) have unique problems, the primary one being that they have no history. This keynote helps them to know what they need to know before they start, how to find the opportunity, how to prove assumptions to test before they leap, the need for thrift and bootstrap to create wealth for themselves, picking the right customer segment and developing a competitive advantage.

Proven Rules for Growth: From Profits to Dominance

After they start, companies have unique issues. They have an existing business, which can be an asset or a problem. This keynote explains how to monitor and control the existing business, evaluate its potential, find new ways to grow organically or via acquisitions and alliances, find the right types and sources of financing, understand their limitations, recruit and develop a team, motivate them, how to delegate, and undertand the timing for growth or to change control.

Use Financing As a Competitive Weapon: Why Value+Numbers Beats Value

Many entrepreneurs hate numbers and leave the numbers aspect to others. This keynote points out why they should become proficient in numbers to monitor the business and track changes, make better decisions by being able to analyze the numbers, develop the right financing structure based on the cost of money, the risk and the potential, and find the right financing amounts, sources and instruments for each stage of the business. It helps them to know how to keep more of the wealth they create.

Build a Great Team and a Great “You”: Only YOU can remove your business’s shackles

Without a team, the venture’s growth is limited by the abilities of the entrepreneur. This keynote is about proven rules to find a team even if the venture does not have resources, types of backgrounds to select, how to motivate them and help them reach their potential, how to delelgate and to monitor progress. The workshop also covers the types of growth that the entrepreneur needs to consider for themselves to become great leaders.

For Area Financiers & Development Officials: How you can help

There are many strategies and models to develop businesses and create jobs in your area. This keynote addresses the strengths and weaknesses of these strategies and how you should select and implement them to build businesses and create jobs. It provides a framework to help you determine the return on your investment from the various strategies and how should you pick the right one for you.

For Accountants and Attorneys: How you can help

Accountants and attorneys want clients who are strong but also cannot afford to spend a lot of time offering unpaid services. And many entrepreneurs and managers are unlikely to take the advice of professionals if they don’t believe that the professionals are knowledgeable. But you can help. This keynote helps you to understand the questions that you should ask your client, what is appropriate and when, and how to be a great “devil’s advocate.”

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