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Dileep Rao

uEntrepreneurs™ has been developed by Dileep Rao, president of InterFinance Corporation, based on his experience financing over 450 emerging ventures, growing businesses and real estate projects, using venture capital, debt and development financing. Mr. Rao has also raised equity, debt, grants and incentives for over 450 projects and businesses, and successfully turned around four businesses. Currently, Mr. Rao advises companies on their business and financing strategy, and advises financial institutions on their portfolio.

Dileep RaoMr. Rao has a doctorate in business administration, serves on the board of businesses and financial institutions, and has been an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota. His nationally acclaimed business reference books include Business Financing: 25 Keys To Raising Money (New York Times Pocket MBA Series) and the Handbook of Business Finance & Capital Sources (American Management Association, NY).

We offer guidebooks, workshops and forums to help start-up, emerging and growth companies based on the Handbook of Business Finance and Capital Sources by Dileep Rao.

Awards & Reviews


  • Three-Time Outstanding MBA Teacher of the Year from Part-Time MBA Students, Carlson School, U of Minnesota
  • 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award from the Faculty of the Carlson School, U of Minnesota

Sample Book Reviews

  • “… business needs all the help it can get. Like the U.S. Cavalry, (Rao’s) Handbook enters the scene just in time.” … Inc. magazine
  • “(Rao’s) Handbook may be the definitive guide to U.S. financial sources.” … Corporate Report
  • “Dileep not only is one of the nation’s true experts on business finance, he may be the only one who truly knows how to communicate this confusing world in a way that anyone can understand.” … Sam Richter, former President, James J. Hill Library
  • “… recommend that all entrepreneurs of new or growing businesses study this book carefully before seeking financing if they want to make their business stronger, and save time and money.” … Bill Spell, Spell Capital
  • “… insightful analysis of entrepreneurial success stories … draw(s) lessons that will serve future entrepreneurs well … ‘must
    read’ for entrepreneurs and executives.” … Richard N. Cardozo, Professor Emeritus, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
  • “…practical … information on obtaining financing for start-up ventures or for the next round of financing … save thousands of dollars in legal and accounting professional fees by arming (yourself) with the valuable insight this provides, before meeting with (the) advisory team.” … Chris Shorba, CPA, KDV Ltd.
  • “(Book) lays out in incredible detail the numerous components of commercial and small business finance to assist entrepreneurs at all stages.” … C. Earl Peek, V..P., BB&T Bank
  • “Bootstrap to Billions is an inspirational and pragmatic page-turner. It gave me great insights and invaluable tools for my business.” … Andy Voorhees, Entrepreneur

Sample Keynote Reviews

  • “one of the best presenters over the past 14 years” … Minnesota Society of CPAs Attendee
  • “Dr. Rao … proved to be an expert on all subjects discussed. His low-keyed approach, sense of humor, and ability to present the information in layman’s language proved to be instrumental in the success of the program.” … Paul E. Combs, Director, U. of KY
  • “great learning experience” … Dave Daeges, Bank President
  • “recommended it to our economic development people” … Jack Matasosky, Appro Development
  • “interesting, informative and “scary” learning of all the pitfalls (I wasn’t even aware of) of running a successful business” … Tim Mergen, Meeker Coop Light & Power
  • “Extremely helpful in shedding light on the intricacies of financing. Specifically of use is the combination of funding sources and instruments.” … Joe Peterson, Leger Peterson, Inc.
uEntrepreneurs: The Learning Center for Entrepreneurs ™