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Finance Any Business Intelligently ® | by Dileep Rao

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Finance Any Business Intelligently, Dileep RaoThis book describes in layman’s language how to structure the right financing for your business and how to select the right financiers for your specific needs. It explains how your business financing is affected by external factors and your decisions, and how to decide the right financing for you — how much you need, the right mix of equity, senior debt and subordinated debt you should get and the type of sources and instruments you should consider.

In addition, it provides details on how to get the right financing for specific situations, such as financing for startup and growth stages, working capital, equipment, real estate and import-export.

Reviews include:

“The most critical knowledge for small business owners is a panorama of the right financial vehicles to grow their business…. Dr. Rao provides one of the most useful guides on the topic yet…a roadmap that matches entrepreneurial passion with the financial insight needed for success.”…Dan Silmore, V.P., AllBusiness.com

“Dileep not only is one of the nation’s true experts on business finance, he may be the only one who truly knows how to communicate this confusing world in a way that anyone can understand… book is a MUST-read and then re-read at least once per year“ … Sam Richter, President, James J. Hill Library

“(The book) lays out in incredible detail the numerous components of commercial and small business finance to assist entrepreneurs at all stages” …C. Earl Peek, V..P., Corporate and Commercial Lending Div., Industrial Bank

“definitely puts everything in one book… use at any stage of business“ … Floyd Adelman, Inner Circle Int’l

“…practical, useful tips and information on obtaining financing for start-up ventures or for the next round of financing of existing business.. save thousands of dollars in legal and accounting professional fees by arming (yourself) with the valuable insight this provides, before meeting with (the) advisory team ”… Chris Shorba, CPA, KDV Ltd.

“recommend that all entrepreneurs of new or growing businesses study this book carefully before seeking financing if they want to make their business stronger, and save time and money”… William Spell, Spell Capital

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