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Handbook Of Business Finance | by Dileep Rao

Find Equity, Debt & Low-Cost Financing Intelligently

handbook-business-financeGetting the right financing can mean the difference between success and failure. However, for most new, emerging and growing businesses, there are few financial advisors who are aware of all the financing options available to such businesses.

While the first book in the series, Finance Any Business Intelligently™ shows you, the entrepreneur, how much money you need, how to be financially efficient, how to structure your business’s financing, and which are the likely financial sources and instruments based on your characteristics and criteria, this book gives you the details about how these financial sources operate and how to use these financial instruments so that you can make the final selections and are well informed when you seek money.

This book offers detailed information about 11 types of equity financing, six types of debt financing, six other financial sources that offer unique types of financing, two types of equity instruments, 21 types of debt and leasing instruments, six other types of financial instruments, and numerous types of local, state and federal financial sources. The book also offers details about how to raise money via private placements or public offerings so you can select the right option for you. The book lists financial institutions and instruments that are possible for four different models of businesses based on their growth rate and potential to offer a perspective of how to narrow your choices in specific situations.

American entrepreneurs are blessed with the most responsive financial system in the world. However, this blessing can be a curse if entrepreneurs don’t know how to use these financial sources and instruments for their benefit. This book shows you how.

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